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Work colleagues need new ways to feel like a team again

11-24-2021, 01:07 PM
Work colleagues need new ways to feel like a team again

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Ever hit the office pantry for your third coffee break on a tough day and run into a colleague who offered much-needed insight on a challenging project?

In this group, who like to win bonuses for โบนัสสล็อต xo the life of their minds, there are no slot games. Which format is better for friends than slot games, bonuses?

Or someone who cheered you up chatting about weekend plans?

We used to complain we spent more time with colleagues than our own family, yet now we’re really starting to miss them.

Sure, we have plenty of work interactions – Zoom calls, Slack chats – but what we miss isn’t coffee or even the small talk, but the human connection in those moments.

Separated in our home offices today, we can no longer pop into our teammate’s cubicle to share ideas, ask for help and offer tips in exchange - worse still for new hires who’ve not met the team in real life.

Our networks at work have shrunk after months of working from home, according to Microsoft’s study of productivity and labour signals across their office products and LinkedIn, even though time spent on meetings per week has more than doubled globally.

At the start of the pandemic, employees focused on connecting with people they were already closer to and allowed more distant networks to fade. Their analysis showed that even such team interactions have since started to diminish.

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